HikePix was created by avid day hiker and amateur photographer Steve Mortensen who currently resides in St. George, Utah. A lifelong shutterbug, Steve did not hike much until he moved to southern Utah in late 2020. After seeing photographs of some of the stunning places to be explored in the region, he started hiking to experience them for himself. Not perilous hikes or lengthy back country treks, but rather a focus on enjoying and photographing the features and scenery of each journey at a laidback pace. Once onsite, explorations typically last from an hour to most of a day.

Photos of interesting places were and are the inspiration for where to go next. Steve’s explorations and photography are ongoing, and new hikes are added to HikePix often. He hopes others find pleasure, inspiration, and a sense of wonder both here and on the trail as circumstances allow.



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If you have a question or would like to share a comment, feel free to reach out to steve@hikepix.com.